1995 was a very pivotal year for the computer industry. Microsoft introduced its game-changing operating system, Windows 95 and soon after, record numbers of consumers adopted home computers and also began embracing the Internet thanks to AOL and similar services (“You’ve got mail!”). A self-proclaimed computer nerd, Andy Hicks recognized this new demand and began providing house calls to primarily first-time computer users, at the very steep rate of $12 an hour.  Since he was 15 at the time, his parents had to drive him to his after-school appointments until he obtained his driver’s license. Word got out and soon he was seeing multiple clients a day, including several of his high school’s staff (the principals too), friends’ parents, etc.  Small business owners soon took notice, including some local area dentists and orthodontists (more on that later) and by 1998, Andy’s little home-based operation became a full-fledged business known as HIX.  Office space was obtained, a staff was hired, and through 100% referrals, HIX had a nice book of business including businesses and individuals of all varieties from horse farms to law offices to construction companies to non-profits to public libraries to dentists and orthodontists.

Along the way, Andy quickly realized that dentists and orthodontists had very special I.T. needs that were not being met by “one size fits all” firms.  Even as far back as 2000, technologies like digital radiography, intra-oral photography, patient reminder systems, etc. presented unique challenges and expertise.  Andy saw this opportunity to specialize and by 2003 had narrowed the focus exclusively to the dental industry and never looked back.  

Fast forward a decade or so and HIX is still growing the business 100% through word of mouth and the occasional trade show appearance.  HIX has overseen projects for dental practices in over 30 states and remotely manages the daily support needs of clients from California to Florida, Connecticut to Arizona, and various points in between.  In short, in this time of acquisitions, mergers, and here today, gone tomorrow IT firms, HIX has been there and will be there, with the same ownership and leadership with many practices having been with us for 10 years or longer.