New/Renovated Office Technology Planning & Implementation

Building a new office, adding another location, or just renovating your existing office should be an exciting, joyful process.  But let’s be honest—it’s also usually very stressful:  budgets usually get exceeded, permits and inspections don’t get processed on time.  Planning for technology usually takes a backseat to perceived “bigger” issues of aesthetics and parking capacity when in reality, it should be front and center.  Let HIX take some of this burden off your shoulders with the following services:


  •     Low-voltage cabling planning:  often times the most-neglected piece of the whole process when in fact it is the single most vital component of a strong IT infrastructure.  Over the years, we’ve seen what can happen when an underqualified cabling contractor (and in many cases, an electrician who doesn’t even know how to certify network drops or have the tools to do so) is engaged, resulting in lingering problems that can last for years.  HIX will locate and vet qualified low-voltage contractors in your area and supervise their work while ensuring the very best placement of network drops and distributed audio/video for both logistics and “tidiness”.


  •  Design of consult / new patient rooms with “wow factor”:  in this age of second/third/fourth opinions and patients increasingly shopping for price, it’s more important than ever to make a killer first impression when presenting treatment plans – whether it’s for full-phase braces or just for a crown.  With technologies like Smartboards, Microsoft Surface tables, or even just a simple 40” wall-mounted display, let HIX help your practice turn otherwise boring presentations into one-visit starts/TX plan acceptance. 


  •  Facilitation with architect / interior designer:  in addition to ensuring the correct location of low-voltage drops, there’s also the challenge of ensuring a proper space (preferably a dedicated room) for all network equipment, server (if applicable), audio/video equipment, etc. with adequate cooling, security, and service accessibility.  Then there’s the less-vital task of making sure all cabinetry and other casework is properly sized for computer hardware with ease-of-access in mind for future maintenance.  HIX will work closely with these vendors to ensure there are no issues when the C.O. is obtained and it’s time to move-in. 


  •  Fully-customized operatory solutions:  there’s a lot more to effective chairside charting than buying a “computer-ready” chair/delivery unit/operatory suite and throwing a PC in.  HIX can help with furniture selection for both current and future needs while ensuring ergonomics (standing or seated?) and ease-of-access for both doctor/staff and patient are kept paramount.  Many times, the mounting bracket options available from the furniture manufacturer are not the very best solution for a practice’s specific need.