VoIP (Voice-over Internet Protocol)

Still have a clunky, archaic phone system that’s so proprietary you have to call in a professional to change a voicemail greeting or add a new extension?  Or, if your practice has multiple locations, do patients have to call different numbers for each offices?  Or perhaps you have to use call forwarding services through your phone company?  Step into the 21st century with an ultra-powerful, cloud-based phone system.  HIX is proud to partner with Vonage Business to deliver extremely-customized phone system solutions for our clients ranging from very simple to highly comprehensive.  With a cloud-based/hosted phone system, there is very little equipment to buy and maintain, with all the “brain power” built into the phone itself.  Adding or removing a la carte features such as conference bridges, automated attendants, and call monitoring/recording is as easy as turning them “on” or “off” within the practice’s online portal.  Speaking of the online portal, changing extensions, setting voicemail parameters, enabling call forwarding, as well as running extremely customizable reports is all easily done through a web-based interface.  Voicemail-to-email attachment?  Yep, included.  Mobile app?  That too.  Let HIX show you the way.

Desktop and practice management software integration:  wouldn’t it be nice if a patient’s chart popped up on the screen when their call came in (assuming their phone number is broadcasted and is registered within your software)?  It’s possible with several of the leading dental and orthodontic practice management applications when coupled with a VoIP phone system.