Why Hire Us?



We don’t claim to know everything about IT.  But we do know an awful lot about dental IT, which sometimes means going against standard “best practices” in the IT world due to unique requirements of practice/image management software and proprietary hardware.  We have strong relationships with the major players in the dental software and hardware world and over the years have learned what works and what doesn’t.   We speak your language and understand your needs.  If your practice makes up the minority of your IT provider’s vertical market focus, chances are good their techs are spending at least some of their time learning on the job when handling your account.  Let HIX show you the benefits of partnering with a firm who truly “gets you” and your unique needs – for a price that is usually comparable to a “jack of all trades, master of none” firm. 

“Wait a minute—you guys are hundreds of miles away.  How does that work?”

From the very earliest days of remote control, HIX has prided itself on delivering consistent and responsive support nearly entirely remotely.  When we bring on a new practice, we design it from the ground up to be managed from potentially hundreds (if not thousands) of miles away.  The era of depending on a local technician to come onsite for run-of-the-mill IT work is about as outdated as going to Block Buster to rent a movie.  HIX is able to handle everything from troubleshooting a printing problem to upgrading practice management software to configuring a new workstation 100% remotely (okay, so the workstation might need to be taken out of the box and plugged in).  However, there’s no getting around the fact that occasionally onsite service is required to replace key hardware such as a network switch or router, etc.  In these situations, HIX has relationships with local, qualified, background-checked technicians across the country.  For the vast majority of support issues, there is no additional charge.

“But I’m on the cloud – I don’t need your services…”

Cloud/hosted practice management software can make a lot of sense, especially for multi-location practices or those just starting out and hoping to minimize upfront IT costs.  However, contrary to what some unscrupulous sales people might say, it’s not prudent nor is it generally possible to eliminate outside IT support.  For offices with more than just a handful of users, a server is still necessary for internal security and management, workstations still have exposure to malware, and third-party equipment (i.e. digital radiography/imaging) still has to be integrated and maintained.  HIX offers customized managed services options for practices on the cloud with discounts for decreased ongoing support and backup needs.

"But my local guy is fine, he's cheap, and he's around the corner..."

There are plenty of outstanding IT firms out there—even those that are one man (or woman) shops.  However, you must ask yourself, what happens if this person gets hit by a bus?  What if your office is completely down and they are across town, tied up with another client?  Or on vacation?  With HIX’s remote model, our technicians are generally available immediately (within 15 minutes) for true system-down emergencies and work collaboratively to resolve your issues.  Why put all your eggs in one basket by relying on a single technician when you can have a team supporting you day in and day out?

"They're very quick to get back to us and resolve problems that arise time to time. Most of the work is done remotely which I find amazing!”

– John Duplessis Jr, Orthodontist; Elizabethtown & Brandenburg, KY

 “HIX provides a level of service second to none and has always been available to get my office operating again with little down time.”

– Sean Cook, Pediatric Dentist; Newburg, IN