What are Managed Services?

“Managed Services” is an often used, often misunderstood, often misused term.  In a nutshell, though, it simply means taking a proactive, holistic approach to the ongoing management of a business’ IT needs.  This differs sharply with the antiquated approach of engaging a technician to fix problems after they arise coupled with fragmented approaches to such vital components as security, backup, and compliance.  

What are the benefits? First and foremost, managed services take the guesswork out of the ongoing management and support of your practice's technology.

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Consistency and Uptime: 

When software and hardware break, it's a pain. There's no other way to describe it. And some of those pains are simply unavoidable (if an I.T. firm promises otherwise, they're pants-on-fire lying). However, the vast majority of issues ARE avoidable when taking a proactive approach to hopefully discover those issues in their infancy before they actual interrupt the work day. These issues could be as simple as a cooling fan that is starting to die. Or it could be a JAVA update that needs to be applied so a program can continue to run down the road. Or perhaps a printer firmware or computer BIOS update that needs to be installed to address a known issue.


Budget - "all you can eat":  

No, it’s not The Golden Corral, but from a budgeting standpoint, there’s no more guessing what your monthly IT expense will be.  Virus outbreak?  Server crash?  Upgrading practice management software?  Installing a patch for your x-ray software?  Whether it’s one hour of service a month or 30 hours, the price remains the same.  Our pricing comes down to two variables:  the size of your practice and the level of response required.  That’s it.  No hidden fees or surcharges.  

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Peace of Mind:

Most of our doctors sleep better at night knowing they have a true partner looking out for them and making every effort to keep them running smoothly... and more importantly, are there for them if something catastrophic happens. Many of our practices look at their HIXsupport Managed Agreement as an insurance policy that actually works for them day in and day out. 


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