Backup & Disaster Recovery

For practices utilizing an on-premise practice and image management system, the safety of their data remains their biggest IT concern – and of course that’s greatly amplified for practices that are truly paperless.  Shockingly, even today, it’s an all too often occurrence that when a practice suffers a catastrophic data loss due to hardware failure, natural disaster, corruption, or malware infestation, they turn to backups that for one reason or another, fail.  If you’re still trusting your on-premise data to cartridge-based systems or swapping external hard drives, you really need to reconsider your backup and disaster recovery (BDR) strategy.  


HIX’s managed backup solution consists of an enterprise-class cloud-based offsite nightly backup of the server coupled with a local backup component so our practices can always put their hands on their data.  Very conservative retention and redundancy policies mean multiple copies of files are maintained at all times to ensure adequate protection in the event of a file-corrupting disaster caused by malware such as ransomware.

An optional service for HIXsupport Managed Service clients incorporates “snapshot” or image-based backups for a practice’s most vital computers (x-ray/CT acquisition station, front desk, consult/TC, doctor’s PC, etc.) with the objective of full recovery within a matter of hours, not potentially days (engagement of a local technician, reinstallation of Windows, reinstallation of practice & image management software, reinstallation/configuration of proprietary software, such as radiography acquisition).